I love working with artists to develop their musical work into a finished product that is ready for the world. I am a songwriter, musician, producer/engineer that deeply desires to tell stories through music. From an early age I knew this gift was something that needed to be developed so that people can be changed through the power of music. I look forward to the next story and meeting the storyteller so that we can embark on a musical journey together.

- Chris

Chris is a turnkey Musician, Artist, Producer, and Engineer. As an instrumentalist his primary is piano and keys where he started at age 4 but also has over 15 years experience on acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Drums and Percussion are also in the tool kit. Originally from a musical family in Houston, Tx he studied studio production at Belmont University and ran a thriving production company in Nashville TN. His current workspace is a full service recording studio in Houston, Texas. He has worked on singles, commercial music shorts, short film scores and full length albums. Chris has a passion and a calling for leading people in worship and currently leads in various churches in the greater Houston area.


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